Anton Nilson

4.    Anton Nilson

Words & Music by Kristian Svensson

G                         A                    D           F#  G

Bosses here in Sweden were fighting unions

                                     B7                        G      B7  C

By bringing englishmen as scabs and loyal minions

                                      D              B7                   C

They had guns, they shot at us, we had to be crass

                                  D                            C        D          G      /f#

We had to chase away this bunch of traitors to our class

E7                 Am                 D                           G

It was no excuse that they came from far away

E7                              Am                           D                           D7

They all knew that they were pawns in games the bosses play

   E7                  Am                         D                  G

I put a bomb upon their ship and I am sad to say

C                                 D                     Am                      A

One was killed but then the others all got scared away

        D                     Bm            G        E7             A

You see, I had this one life, I had to do what's right

    G                            Bm7                  Em          G          A

I might have taken wrong paths but kept the goal in sight

I do believe this one life is all that we will get

You have to do your fair share with or without regret

I was sent to prison and left there to rot

But 1917 the guards prepared to have me shot

When 10.000 workers tried to set me free

And fought for my release until the government agreed

It was no excuse that I had been locked away

When I got out I had to fight the games the bosses play

I learned how to fly aeroplanes 'cause that was needed for

As i crossed the sea to join the Russian Civil War

You see, I had this one life...

I flew for the Red Army that had no planes themselves

I flew the planes we had shot down and fixed up more or less

When the war was won I was a spy without delay

But then I realized the revolution was betrayed

It was no excuse that I came from far away

I should have known there was a game the party bosses played

I left the Soviet Union and went back to my homeland

I might have lost illusions but I still know where I stand

You see, I had this one life...

I have lived a long life, I'm 101

I've had lots of time to think of all the things I've done

Soon I will be dead but I don't contemplate my doom

No, I sneak past the nurses now that guard this old mans room

It is no excuse that my strength has gone away

When there's still a world at stake in games the bosses play

I seek out the youth now and it is plain to see

That once they have heard me talk they all seem to agree

They see I had this one life

You see I had this one life...

The police mugshot of Anton Nilson after his assault on the strikebreaker ship Amalthea in 1908.

Anton Nilson as a Red Army pilot during the Russian Civil War.