Migration Age

9.    Migration Age

Words & Music by Kristian Svensson

Intro= same as Chorus

G       Gmaj7 

My grandpa Karl

C               D              G   Gmaj7

Found a treasure in his own backyard

          C               D          Bdim7  E7            Am7 

He brought the silver to his brother Tim

        Em7                D

The only one he knew who might know something

”Wow, migration age!”

Said the brother with eyes open wide

”Thanks” said grandpa and went back to hide

All the coins in that same old hole, saying:

E7                  Am

”This life of mine

D                    G

Suits me just fine

C                      Bm 

What happens to my home


If these news would reach

              E7                Am

All the powers that be

       D          G

It's easy to see

C               Bm

I ain't no shirk

                        D                                     G-Gmaj7 C D

Just give me fair pay for my honest work”

My grandpa Karl

Worked his whole life for children and wife

Days and nights without rest or regret

A monument of sweat

Migration age

All the kids moved away from his place

One got lucky and called his old man

And offered him to pay for vacation

”Nah, this life of mine

Suits me just fine

What happens to my home

If I'd leave it to all the

Magpies and weed

It's easy to see

I ain't no shirk

Just wanted fair pay for my honest work”

My grandpa Karl

Found a treasure that stayed where it was