Simon Srebnik

8.    Simon Srebnik

Words & Music by Kristian Svensson

F                      Fsus   F          C

River float by gently like a dream

The young boy's song reach for the clear blue sky

With a happy voice, or so it seem

As he sit there in the boat that pass us by

               Dm                        Bb            C     C/f   C

And the people close their eyes and hear

So much more than they would dare to see

        Dm                    Gm      A                             Dm

The song reminds of life beyond strife and all fear

         Bb                         C                             F  F7

The boy is sounding strong and almost free

Bb                    F                            C

Minutes after he has jumped ashore

Bb                              Dm                      C

He's feeding rabbits for the soldier's stew

           Dm                         D7                            Gm

He's working hard and then he sings some more

          Bb                     C                                   F

The guard tassle his hair, the smile looks true

River float by thick and clogged with ash

From the body piles that burn all day

All the bones have properly been smashed

And then thrown into the river, black and grey

90.000 jews will soon be nil

All the orders now are straight and clear

There is job here to be done and more reports to fill

And springtime seem to come early this year

The prisoners are carrying their kin

They have a job to do and they work hard

Their relatives reduced to bone and skin

The guards are sitting down and playing cards

If I told you that the singing boy

Was the only one there to survive

After all the guns had been employed

Then you probably would think it was a lie

Or maybe you'd say "There you go!

See how beauty got the final word!

Of course he was released because the nazis thought

His song was the most beautiful they'd heard"

But no, the only reason he would live

Was because the SS were upset

They didn't get to kill him properly

Because they had to flee the soviets

River float by gently like a dream

Like a song disperse in clear blue sky

The old man standing there watching the stream

Wonder what it means to all the passers by

And the silent song will disappear

Like all things we do not dare to see

And when he is gone noone will ever hear

How he once sounded strong and almost free

Simon Srebnik at the remnants of the Chelmno extermination camp

(From the documentary Shoah).