The O.B.U.

7.    The O.B.U.

Taken from the upcoming musical The Man Who Never Died

Words & Music by Kristian Svensson

E                 Bm               A                     E

I'm called Elizabeth or Miss Gurley-Flynn

                      Bm                   D     A   E

Well Sir, the O.B.U. means One Big Union

We're known as "wobblies" and you just might have heard

Of the Industrial Workers of the World:

G#             C#m  B   A                   E              B     C#m  D#

One union grand for all working people to stand as one

B                 E                C#m G#7 A
If you are homeless we are your home

We're one big family wherever you roam

Beyond the pearly gate no sinners get in

And the old unions don't like dark colored skin

They won't accept you if you're foreign and unskilled

No, we are the migrant worker's shield, sword and guild

One union grand for all working people to stand as one

If you are homeless...

When you're mistreated we strike with you

And if we all did there is nothing we can't do...

Give me your poor and huddled masses!

Get off your asses and abolish classes!

Elizabeth Gurley-Flynn (1890-1964) adressing the crowd at a rally. As a teenager she dropped out of school to becoma a fulltime agitator for the I.W.W. She would form the civil rights organization ACLU in 1920 and be a frontline fighter for women's rights and birth control. In 1961 she was elected chairwoman of the Communist Party USA.